This simple phrase by Edwin Markham (1852–1940), forms the core of The Destiny Project. The greatest power a person may wield is the ability to change another person. We can make the world a better or a worse place depending on how we treat the hundreds of people we are daily surrounded by.

This project is a simple attempt to encourage goodness in a world that is too full of muck, meanness and neglect. It is time to stand up and promote kindness and understanding. The ripple effect of one compassionate act is endless. It can change the world. This is our legacy, this is our purpose, this is our potential.

How it works!
The Destiny Project has three simple objectives:

  1. Promote Goodness. We provide an excuse to start looking for an opportunity to help another person. Similar to the idea proposed in the movie Pay it Forward, you are given the challenge to pass along an act (or 2 or 10 acts) of service once you have received one.
  2. Prove the power/effect of one small act. By passing along the Destiny token (wooden coin) from one who gives kindness to one who receives, we can literally track the path and the effect of goodness. This site will display that path and the effect.
  3. Change your life. Like the law of gravity, there is an eternal, unbreakable law that says: you cannot do good and feel bad (the reverse is also true: you cannot do bad and feel good). Furthermore, once you give or receive a kind act, you are changed. You are not the same person you were before the act, nor is the one you served. There is a bond that ties you together. Kindness given to others will return in like manner to your own life..